About Expat Wills

Expat Wills, license authorized by the Government of Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) since year 2009 and it has been acknowledged by the Legal Affairs Department in year 2010 that Expat Wills (DED-licensed) deal as an Agent between Non-Muslim Expatriates and foreign law firms located in various counties situated outside of the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai. Our network of foreign law firms outside of the Emirate of Dubai conduct drafting of Wills and carry out all services for the Expatriates.

Expat Wills is a professional company providing the best quality service to help non-Muslim Expats to arrange their Wills to be drafted by our network of foreign lawyers in other countries outside of the Emirate of Dubai and sharing the most up-to-date public information regarding Wills and inheritance to our multi-nationalities of clients in the United Arab Emirates. Making a Will in Dubai or Abu Dhabi could not be easier as each client's Will is drafted by experienced lawyer located in testator's home country to ensures both quality and local legal knowledge. Till today, we have connections with lawyers and law firms in over 28 countries. Our network of lawyers around the World are there to write your Will accordance with the law of your home country and state the application of your domicile country law to your estates.

Expat Wills, with the supports from our network of foreigner lawyers abroad, we do not assist our clients to arrange just Wills but we also assist our clients with information on estate planning, inheritance tax, off-shore banking, repatriation and funeral advice as an integral part of our Will specialist service.

Our aim is to share the most up-to-date non-commercial information on Wills and Inheritance with our clients. Our business is built on trust with open & honest communication coupled with excellent customer service.

Our business is conducted within strict codes of professional conduct and competence. This ensures that the company maintains the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and these are reflected in the quality of services that are providing.

As members of the Society of Will Writers (SWW) and the Institute of Professional Will-writers (IPW), we work under strict Code of Conduct which is there to protect you as the client. We take great pride in all our work and aim to deliver a service which is second to none.

In addition Professional Indemnity Insurance protects your interests and provides peace of mind.

Expat Wills as an Agent of network of foreign lawyers and Wills Specialists in countries outside of Dubai was founded by Yvonne Tsui in the year 2008. Yvonne and her team has used 9 months to do extensive researches and investigations through local Emirati advocates and expat lawyers in Dubai as well as her network of lawyers and professional Will writers in various countries in order to set up Expat Wills in the United Arab Emirates. With all the supports and back-ups from Yvonne's network plus her local Arab sponsor who is a respectable Executive Vice President in one of the Authorities of the Government of Dubai, Expat Wills finally was founded in end of year 2008 in Dubai and become the Agent of foreign lawyers and Wills specialists abroad providing services for the non-Muslim expatriates in the UAE region.

Yvonne Tsui obtained her qualifications in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. As business owner of several businesses in the United Kingdom, Dubai and Hong Kong, Yvonne Tsui is a successful entrepreneur. Yvonne is also an active member of business groups and social communities in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Expat Wills Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong and operates it's internet-based business activities from its registered company office address in Hong Kong. Expat Wills is not a law firm. Expat Wills do not provide or offer to provide legal services. Expat Wills does not undertake the profession of providing Legal Services to third parties in the Emirate of Dubai or other jurisdictions. Expat Wills does not provide Legal Opinion, drafting Contracts and Legal Advice or any other Legal Services within the Jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai. This website does not provide Legal Opinion or legal advice and this website contains only content and information that is available freely in the public domain to any person worldwide. Should clients require Legal Advice or Legal Services within the Jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai, it is recommended they engage the services of a law firm or legal consultant licensed by The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department.