Client Testimonials

Expat Wills Client Testimonials & References

"Completing a will is not a pleasant task but vitally important, I am sure many more parents and homeowners would finalise their wills if they knew how simple the process was. The pricing was competitive and for peace of mind well worth the money, the whole process was completed in a short time frame at our convenience."
Penny John - Dubai
After many emails and phone call inquiries which were not followed up by several Will Companies in the UAE over the last year or so, I gave up my quest to get a will written for my wife and I. That was until I discovered Expat Wills who answered me directly and came to visit me within a couple of days. I found their service professional and courteous and would recommend Expat Wills to any of my colleagues.
Mike and Joyette Silvester - Dubai
"Many thanks Yvonne, I really appreciate you processing these so quickly."
Rob Jackson - Dubai
"We found thinking about writing wills a difficult subject to comprehend at first it all seemed very distant and felt a bit funny thinking about what would happen to our assets / children etc in such a formal manner. When we contacted Expat Wills we were extremely happy to receive feedback quickly & efficiently with regards to our questions and the members of the team that we met were professional, knowledgeable and also warm & friendly which made the experience a lot less daunting."
Rob Jackson - Dubai
My husband and I contacted Expat Wills in the January of 2009 and the next evening a consultant came to see us at our home. We explained what we wanted in the will and were given advice on how this could be done. The return of the documents was very quick and they followed up on a regular basis when we delayed finding some information to finalise the process. The fact they came to our home in the evening was very helpful. I was pleased with the service offered by Expat Wills.
Kristina Carruthers - Dubai
"We were very impressed with Expat Wills, finding them very friendly, informative and, above all, professional. We would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and associates."
John Thatcher - Dubai
"I am completely on board for recommending you and your company I have been in touch with two friends of mine today .........who will be using your services more. Anyway I am humbled and your kindness has put shock and a smile on my mothers face, wow!"
Adam Ridgeway - RAK
"Many thanks for your time yesterday, it was very useful and real peace of mind for me to sort this situation out."
Rupert Diss - Dubai
"I must thank you for the excellent and speedy service and going out of your way to ensure that this is completed prior to my wife proceeding on leave. Thanks once again!"
Kumar Iyer - Dubai

Expat Wills as an Agent of network of foreign lawyers and Wills Specialists in countries outside of Dubai was founded by Yvonne Tsui in the year 2008. Yvonne and her team has used 9 months to do extensive researches and investigations through local Emirati advocates and expat lawyers in Dubai as well as her network of lawyers and professional Will writers in various countries in order to set up Expat Wills in the United Arab Emirates. With all the supports and back-ups from Yvonne's network plus her local Arab sponsor who is a respectable Executive Vice President in one of the Authorities of the Government of Dubai, Expat Wills finally was founded in end of year 2008 in Dubai and become the Agent of foreign lawyers and Wills specialists abroad providing services for the non-Muslim expatriates in the UAE region.

Yvonne Tsui obtained her qualifications in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. As business owner of several businesses in the United Kingdom, Dubai and Hong Kong, Yvonne Tsui is a successful entrepreneur. Yvonne is also an active member of business groups and social communities in Dubai and Hong Kong.

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