UAE expats warned to make will or have their inheritance dealt with via Sharia

ABU DHABI // Expatriates are being warned that their assets will be split according to Sharia if they do not have a will. This means that if there are no sons in the family, the parents, brothers and sisters of … Read More

Do you need a Will in Dubai?

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Wills: pitfalls to avoid

“I leave my farm to my children.” Drafting a will can bring out the best in people, because it gives them the chance to share what they will eventually no longer need – such as prime agricultural land. It can … Read More

Date set for modernized wills and estate law

VICTORIA – New probate rules and the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA) are providing greater certainty for individuals who put their last wishes into writing and simplifying the process for those in charge of distributing an estate. WESA will … Read More

Of inheritance and prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a form of contract between future spouses whereby they mutually agree on what type of property relations shall govern their union as husband and wife. They may agree upon a regime of conjugal partnership of gains, … Read More

Why you need to make a Will

It’s the morbid conversation no one wants to have, the plan no one wants to make. Wills force us to think about who gets what when we leave this earth, yet half of all Australians haven’t got one. Despite owning … Read More

Where there is a Will there is potential for acrimony

Like wedding fights, inheritance spats have a sordid, nightmare quality. A low-rent tussle over the loot can take a terrible toll on family ties. Hopefully, you and your siblings are above such antagonism. According to financial planner Michael Miller, the … Read More

You are an Heir

You have inherited some properties in the Philippines, but you are a US citizen and/or a permanent resident and, after jumping for joy, settle down and ask – now, what do I need to do? As an heir, you will … Read More

EU Court Rules Against Spain on Inheritance Taxes Involving Foreigners

European Court of Justice Says Spanish Tax System Is in Breach of EU Treaties MADRID—Europe’s top court ruled Wednesday against Spain in a case that may force the country to lower the lucrative taxation of inheritances involving nonresidents. The Luxembourg-based … Read More

Succession issues: The legal process and components

The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, was passed to amend and codify the law relating to intestate or unwilled succession among Hindus. It applies to all those who practice the Hindu religion as well as those who fall under the term … Read More