Shariah Compliant Wills

Shariah Compliant Wills for Expats Living in UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi

UAE Requirements for Expatriates​

A non-Muslim expatriate who is resident in the UAE can as a result of the Personal Affairs Law (No 28 of 2005) opt for the law of their Domicile Home Country to the distribution of their UAE assets.

Before an International Will/Home country Will can be presented to the UAE Courts it must be translated into Arabic by a Court-authorized translation firm. This Arabic legal translation should also be attested by the UAE Ministry of Justice and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This translation and attestation process can be done whilst you are still alive, however this is not essential as it may also be done after your death.

As specialist Agent assisting non-Muslim clients to arrange their Wills to be drafted by lawyers located outside the emirate of Dubai, we know that Wills for Expats residing in the UAE must be carefully drafted to comply with your home country laws and should also include your worldwide assets (where country laws allow this).

Our professional service to all non-Muslim clients includes a one to one meeting with a Will Consultant at either your office or home to ensure you are given the most up-to-date information that suits your individual circumstances.

Even if you have no real estate property or any sizable amount of money in a local bank here in the UAE, you should still make a Will whilst living abroad as an Expatriate. It is a fact that the majority of Expats are unaware that as a UAE employee they will receive a sizable amount of money simply from company and government payouts upon death.

Employers may end up holding onshore up to three times your salary, when company life insurance pays out. In addition your company will hold your end of service gratuity, your last month’s salary, any unspent holiday pay and any unpaid expenses.

If death was caused by another person unintentionally or by accident, he or she has to pay your estate blood money, known locally as diya. This blood money is to be paid to the victim’s estate as compensation and the amount is governed by Sharia law.

When you calculate it all up, the money locked away in the UAE legal system can often amount to many millions of Dirham for the majority of well paid Expats and that excludes other money and assets you may have in the UAE.

If you have an existing Will, Expat Wills’ network of lawyers located outside of the emirate of Dubai also offer a free review service to ensure it complies with any current changes in the law. Our lawyers abroad will check whether your existing Will includes the beneficiaries that you still want, guardians for your children are appointed and that it does what you want it to do accordance with you current circumstances. Contact us now to get your free review of your existing will.